Get in touch with Larry
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Get in touch with Larry

I love hearing from readers!

I’ve made friends both online and in meatspace1 with students, programmers, entrepreneurs, researchers, journalists and business people that I’ve met through my blog and being visible online.

I want to hear from you!

If you want to talk about technology or China, I want to talk to you!

What’s the best way to reach you?

Email is the best way to reach me if you’re not a close friend or a client. You can email me right now by opening up your favorite email app and sending a message to hello at larrysalibra dot com. What are you waiting for?

Encrypting and signing your message with PGP, in addition to getting you bonus points and an extra large helping of privacy karma, will move your message to the top of the queue! My PGP key is available here.

Only email? Really?

If you have something quick and cool you want to say and don’t mind saying it in public, tweeting at me on Twitter or Weibo also works.

You also welcome to start a secret chat with me on Telegram.

Can we meet up?

Yes! I love to meet people who are in Hong Kong. I spend much of my time at Cyberport. If you’re willing to take a ride over and want to talk, I will buy you coffee!

If you can’t make it out to Cyberport, let me know when and where you’ll be in Hong Kong and I’ll let you know if I’ll be nearby!

Can I send you postcards?

Please do! I also love handwritten letters and t-shirts promoting your startup!

Address them to:

Larry Salibra
Appartisan Limited
1104 Crawford House
70 Queen’s Road Central
Central, HK

I emailed you over 15 minutes ago! Why haven’t you responded? You must hate me!

No, no, I don’t hate you! While I look forward to the day when we’re all cybernetic robots, right now I’m only human. We humans are pretty bad at multitasking, so I only check email once or twice a day.

Look Ma! No Mail! Email gets reviewed and added to Omnifocus once or twice a day!

No push email, no email notifications2 - the Mail app on my iPhone has even been demoted and replaced by my GTD go to app Omnifocus.

Never fear, your email will get lovingly reviewed and put into my GTD inbox. I’ll always reply with at least a “Thanks” and usually get back within a few days.

Can I message you on Facebook (or your other favorite app)?

You can try, but chances are I won’t see your message for weeks if at all. If I do, I’ll almost always suggest you email me.




  1. Otherwise known as offline or in real life! (Is that a thing?)

  2. Turning off push email and notifications does a wonder for your phone’s battery life…and also your sanity! Go ahead…try it! You can thank me later!