The Genesis Block

The Genesis Block is a token of the consensus that was achieved at Scaling Bitcoin in Hong Kong.

Blockstore & Blockchain ID

A 30 minute intro to Blockstack, Blockstore, and Blockchain ID for a non-technical audience.

Apple Pay: 4 lessons Bitcoin needs to learn

Apple Pay launched in the US on October 20, 2014, and has been doing very well. 1 million cards added in the first 3 days. In the first 3 weeks, just one me...

How English Killed Bitcoin

Mt. Gox finally died and may be taking Bitcoin with it. Cause of death? English. Here’s how:

Bitcoin Payout for Testers

Many Pay4Bugs testers have asked us to offer an alternative to PayPal. Our testers would rather be earning money finding problems in Pay4Bugs customer projec...